Master The Basics: Muscle Testing Explained

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Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Hello, everybody. This is Dr. Karlfeldt and one of the things that I really want to show you is something that’s called muscle testing or applied kinesiology and becomes a really powerful tool for you to understand what’s going on within your own body or within what’s going on with somebody that you know or somebody that you love. So, you can test for what’s going on, if the person is sensitive to different foods that can be triggering inflammation, can test and see if there are certain pathogens, certain supplements that can be helpful. And also you can push in on different areas and see how the body handles that. So I just wanted this to be a little bit like an educational video for you so that you can kind of dabble with it at home and get a feel for it. And it’s kind of like riding a bike. You start a little slowly and you wobble a bit and then you get better and better and you gain more confidence. And then all of a sudden you’re an expert. So let me show you a little bit how it’s done. 

So just stretch his arm straight up and you ask that person to keep this arm really strong, just match my pressure. So the key here is that you want to find what’s called the lock. So you just kind of feel that arm and strong. If the person, you don’t want the person to be pushing backward and you don’t want the person to have a wussy arm where it just kind of goes down. So you just want it to be kind of a strong arm like this. And then you can push on different places, like if you want to push over the liver, you can push and see. Staying strong there. Over the small intestines. strong there. Push like over the thyroid. Stay strong there. So you can test in different spots because from every organ there are nerve endings that go, then to the skin surface. And we apply pressure on those nerve endings you create stress on that organ. If the organ is healthy, it can handle that. If it’s not healthy it becomes overwhelmed, and then the arm will then go weak, and you can kind of feel that wobbly. 

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