Nutrition For Lifelong Health

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Jennifer Maynard and Julie Gregory discuss how to utilize your nutrition to optimize your health and cognitive abilities.

  • Learn about Nutrition for Longevity
  • Discover how toxins are incorporated into our daily food supply
  • Explore optimal ketosis and what diets are most effective
  • Explore how you can personalize your diet to optimize your life
Dale Bredesen, MD

Hi, everyone, and welcome back to the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. It is a real honor today to have Jennifer Maynard here. She is the president and CEO of Nutrition for Longevity. Jennifer, welcome. And then also Julie Gregory, always great to talk with you, Julie. And Julie is the founder of AP Form Info and a citizen scientist who’s done so much, as well as an author who has done so much to further the best outcomes in Alzheimer’s, which is what we are all interested in. How do we get the best outcomes, both for the prevention of cognitive decline and for the reversal of cognitive decline? And of course, just a few years ago, if you’d said reverse Alzheimer’s Summit, people would have said, well, wait a minute, what are you talking about? But many still do. They simply don’t believe that it is possible to reverse cognitive decline. We’ve been doing it now for about a decade and have people actually who have been doing it themselves for a decade, including Julie, who’s done such a spectacular job. 

So I just want to give a little bit of background before we talk to Jennifer and Julie. Many people have come to me and said, you know, you are telling me that these basic seven things diet, exercise, sleep, stress, brain training, supplementation and detox, the kind of the basic seven things that we that we all want to do to prevent and reverse cognitive decline include a relative or a scripted nutritional approach. You know, you have to do several things to get the appropriate synaptic biochemistry. You have to achieve ketosis because you need this metabolic flexibility of going back and forth between glucose burning and ketone burning. You have to have a high phytonutrients or a plant rich diet, and yet it has to be mildly ketogenic. You have to have organic food. You want to stay away from the toxins. Toxins are one of the most common contributors to cognitive decline. We see it every day. 

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