The Underground Natural Hormone Secrets For Women Over 40 To Thrive

Dr. Kyrin Dunston


  • Would you agree that a positive mindset or closed off thinking have opposing impacts on our health and wellness and how we see ourselves
  • Our powerful mind makes us believe that we can or cannot do something in our lives
  • See this in action in this session as learning a lesson from a patient totally changed Dr. Kyrin’s life
Jana Danielson

Welcome back to another amazing interview I have with me on the virtual medicine of mindset stage Dr. Kyrin Dunston and I’m gonna I’m gonna introduce her instead of like reading an official bio, we’re gonna get to know her through the interview, but I want to let you know that we connected a couple of months ago and it was kind of magic, you know, when you get on to zoom and you meet someone and you’re like, yes, I I think I’m one of her people and she is one of my people and we we’ve chatted a few times and this woman is amazing. She is an O. B. G. O I. N. And she is an expert in functional medicine and we’re gonna have an amazing conversation today and you’re gonna get to learn a little bit about her magic, the magic she brings to this planet in how she educates and inspires the women who get drawn into her magnetic energy to become a part of her community. So, Dr. Kyrin, thank you so much for being here today. I want you to start by telling us a little bit about your story. I mean, you are an O. B. G Y. N. And help us understand a bit about your own journey and what this is gonna be beautifully positioned in the mindset. What helped you to look outside of your medical expertise, to start your own healing journey, that that kind of changed your life. Why don’t we start there?

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