There’s Nothing Wrong With You: Finding (And Healing) Yourself In A Chaotic World

Michael Roesslein


  •  It is time that we shift from a perspective on wellness that is rooted in fitness and nutrition to one that is rooted in mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic foundations
  • Learn what role the environment we were brought up in plays on our mental & physical health as adults
  • Strategies on how you can break unhealthy patterns that seem to be contributing to the very problems you are trying to solve will be covered
Jana Danielson

Well, welcome back everyone to The Medicine of Mindset Summit. It’s Jana here, back with you and our next speaker. We were chatting offline because we have, you know, kind of a similar story from 2022 that we, he left the U. S. To go to Italy, I left Canada to go to Mexico. So we were just sharing some of our adventures on relearning and things that normally would take minutes can sometimes take a whole day. And so I’m really excited to have Michael Roseline here with us today. Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing guy. He’s the co-founder of the Rebel Health Tribe. The Rebel Health Tribe is a health and wellness education platform and if that’s not enough, he’s also got another company that he’s working on called an aura and this is a platform and community focused on what they call the other side. Learning of healing. 

So the mental, emotional spiritual and energetic side which often is thought of I believe as secondary to you know, fixing the symptoms and oftentimes it’s these other pieces the spiritual, the emotional, the energetic that are actually the root cause. So I’m excited that we’re gonna be learning more from Michael. He’s a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. He is a holistic life coach, he holds a master’s degree in exercise science and health promotion. He’s completed the two year training program at the luminous awareness institute institute and he’s also done the one year training that Dr. Gabor Mate does around compassionate inquiry. So this guy knows his stuff. He spent the last 12 years in the fitness, nutrition, natural health industry as a trainer, a coach, a speaker and educator, a film producer, a writer, a podcast host and a content creator. And really I feel like so many of us that are in this space at this time, we’ve had our own personal journey that have brought us to where we are. So his experience really included depression, anxiety, suicidal states, insomnia severe, A. D. D. A. D. H. D. And the subsequent healing that he’s done for himself. And in addition, his wife’s multiple autoimmune conditions really are the driving force behind what gets Michael up in the morning and how he wants to impact this world. And this guy doesn’t say he’s a busy guy and he doesn’t say yes to a lot of things and he said yes to be here with us today. So Michael, thank you so much for being here.

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