Your Adrenals and Your Hormones – The Missing Link

Deb Matthew, MD


  • The connection between stress and cortisol production
  • Symptoms of adrenal dysfunction
  • The link between adrenal dysfunction and our other hormones
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Mastering Menopause Transition Summit. I am your host, Dr. Sharon Stills, and I am truly honored and humbled that you are taking some time to be here with us today and learn what you can do, whether you are before menopause, in the midst of menopause, after menopause, we are talking about things that apply to you no matter where you’re at on your hormonal journey. And so I’m excited you’re here. We’re gonna have a great conversation today. We’re gonna be talking about the adrenal glands, and if you don’t know about your adrenal glands, or aren’t already in love with your adrenal glands, and treating them like the special part of your body they are, then hopefully, by the time we’re done talking with our special guests today, you will be board, an adrenal fan. So my guest today is Dr. Deb Matthews. She’s known as the Happy Hormones Doctor, so I had to have her on the summit. How can we not have the Happy Hormone Doctor join us? And she is gonna speak to us all about the adrenal glands and why that’s important when you are thinking about your hormones. So welcome, it is so nice to have you here. Thanks for joining us.

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