A Masterclass in Your Hormonal Connections to Your Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Felice Gersh, MD


  • The truth about sex hormones
  • Hormones and their impact on heart energy
  • Embracing nature’s wisdom to support the menopause transition
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi, ladies, welcome back to “Mastering the Menopause Transition” Summit. I’m still your host, Dr. Sharon Stills. Beautiful to see you all here. And we are gonna have a great conversation. I have a menopause expert in the house, and we are gonna talk about your cardiovascular system and things you need to know to help you on your journey, so this is gonna be a good one. Grab a pen. Grab some paper. You’re gonna learn a lot. You might wanna take some notes, and so, I have with me today Felice Gersh, who’s an MD. She’s a multi award-winning physician with dual board certifications in OB-GYN and integrative medicine. She’s the founder and director of the integrative medical group of Irvine, a practice that provides comprehensive healthcare for women by combining the best evidence-based therapies from conventional, naturopathic and holistic medicine. For 12 years, she taught obstetrics and gynecology at Keck USC School of Medicine as an assistant clinical professor. And she now serves as an affiliate faculty member at the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona School of Medicine. I didn’t know that. Felice is a prolific writer and lecturer who speaks globally on women’s health and regularly publishes in peer-reviewed medical journals. She’s the bestselling author of the “Pcos SOS” series and her latest book, “Menopause: 50 Things You Need to Know,” which is available on Amazon and was also rated in, like, the top five of all menopause books by “Good Housekeeping.”


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