How to Train the Trainer of the Brain

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  • How the Cerebellum can be trained to improve reading, ADHD, mental resilience, and brain permance at any age
Brain, Brain Health
Cheng Ruan, MD

Once in a while, there’s technology that comes along, that’s a really industry disruptors and although I’ve talked to a lot of these companies, this one in particular raises my eyebrow quite a bit because of how impactful it actually can be. So today we need to talk about the idea that the brain can be trained, so we understand that the brain can be trained, but how do we go about doing it? Is listening to music is looking at different things, but what about movement? What about specific movements that connect different parts of the brain and that’s what we’re gonna get into today. So today I’m interviewing Wynford Dore, a British entrepreneur who’s creating multiple successful companies and collaborates with Neurosciences and cognitive psychologists from Harvard and Sheffield University and others as well. And this resulted in creation of a physical exercise program that’s designed to really stimulate every part of the brain that’s responsible for what we become natural at or don’t. And the result is reading and learning become a lot easier and skills become highly developed And increased mental capacity as well. So this is a very interesting thing because it’s sort of a simple concept, but with a very, very big impact. 

There’s even a recent study that was published in nature that shows that very combination of exercises that you pioneered has fine tuned over the last 20 years, the stem cells, these regenerative cells that are in the cerebellum, which is the bottom portion of the brain right here and the cerebellum, even though it’s uh not necessarily fully connected to the rest of the brain is compartmentalized, and we all thought it had to do with just balance, but in reality the cerebellum controls a lot of higher learning processes as well in talks with the rest of the brain and very, very critical manner. That was not really talked to me in medical school. And so um Wynford Passion is about finding ways to the educational system and even owns a famous private school in England, recently shortlisted for the best school in the U. K. What a passionate guy. His life purpose really is to um prove that many currently struggling with brain disorders, learning disorders, um Reading issues, attention deficit issues have a lot of untapped potential in the brain which can now be revealed. So, can’t we introduce Mr. Wynford or onto the summit? Welcome to the show. So happy to have you on the discussing this amazing topic.

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