Mindfulness and Menopause: Harness Its Power

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  • Why mindfulness is the best medicine
  • What it means to live intentionally and find gratitude in even the most mundane activities
  • Join me for a guided meditation to connect with our heart center
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi. It’s so great to be here with you all. Day Six. And sometimes they say you save the best for last, and this talk is the one that is most dear to my heart, mindfulness, the best medicine, and so often overlooked. I am here to tell you that not all medicine comes in a pill bottle, and the more we can embrace that, and the more we can start to harness our own healing, potential capacity, and trust in ourselves, the greater our journeys are going to be. So I was introduced to mindfulness when I was a first year medical student. There was a research project taking place that one of my classmates was doing, and I decided to support him and join it. And was I ever glad I did because it introduced me to MBSR, which is mindfulness-based stress reduction. This is the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn out of UMass. And so feel free to Google and learn more about it. I really consider him the father of modern-day mindfulness and am honored to have studied with him and to be sharing his work out in the world, and of course, to have been adding to it with all of my own experience. So when I did this research project, I just got blown away, and I thought, “Oh my God, this is how healing really occurs.” So I went to the guy who was teaching the class and I said, “I have to be your apprentice. “You’re gonna be my mentor. “I’m gonna study with you.” And while I was going through medical school, I was working with him, teaching mindfulness to cancer patients in hospitals who were dealing with the worst pain, bone pain from metastases. 

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