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Detect The Impact Of Toxins On Your Health

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  • Learn how to determine your level of toxicity and the impact it has on your health
  • Understand the effects of invisible toxins and how they can silently impact your health
  • Discover true detoxification methods and how you can prepare for a detoxification process
  • This video is part of the Mastering the Menopause Transition 2.0 Summit
Sharon Stills, ND

Hi, ladies. Dr. Stills here with you. Welcome to day seven. Oh, my. What a week it’s been. And we’re going to finish with a bang. We are saving the best for last in some ways of thinking. And so it’s all been amazing. And I’m really excited to be here with you. And don’t forget, there’ll be lots more happening, lots more education, and lots more opportunities to continue on with me after this summit. So stay tuned. But for today, for my last little chat with you, I want to talk about toxins, because toxins are so prevalent. They’re prevalent in our body ease, in our environment, in the energy fields from other people. They’re just ubiquitous. They’re present in the womb. So even unborn children are being exposed to toxins through the umbilical cord. They’re present in breast milk. I mean, they have just they’ve come in and taken over. And so we have to be aware of this. We have to be balanced about this. We can’t get into the, “Oh, my God, everything is toxic and I’m going to freak out.” But we also can be toxins. As you know, I’m not going to freak out and I’m not going to pay attention to them at all. There really has to be a healthy balance and a healthy awareness. And so just like you wash your dishes every day out of the shower, you wash your body out of every day, you scrub your hair every day just like you do all these things. You change the oil in your car, you go to get your teeth cleaned. You get a haircut every once in a while, potentially, just like you do all these things routinely. I want you to start thinking about I need to have a toxin, a detox, and a detox routine in my daily life. And it becomes a little different as to what are you doing on a daily experience. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonally yearly. What are you doing? Because there are different levels to it. 

So every day I pay attention to my detox by I get in my infrared sauna, I take my shoes off and continue to keep my house a shoeless house so that people aren’t trekking in toxins. Every week, I make sure that I do a sauna every day, but I also follow it with a foot bath. I’m taking binders. So you build upon things is what I’m trying to get across to you and I’m just using some examples. There are many more. Every quarter I do a detox according to the season. So in the spring, when it’s the liver gallbladder season, I do a little more of a specific liver detox, detox, liver, gallbladder, detox. It’s early here. My brain is turning on in the fall when it’s lung energy, colon energy, I focus more on lungs. I make sure that I’m breathing. I make sure that I’m eliminating and I’m pooping. Well, yearly, I commit to going to a two-week or a one week or an extended weekend, intense detoxification or I do a series of colonics or I go do punch of karma if I have the time and I detox on a bigger level. And so we have to be thinking about how we’re going to get toxins out because they’re constantly coming in at us. And there are not just so toxins are, so we get exposed to mold and then we have mycotoxins created within our system. Toxins are we’re not producing energy properly and our mitochondria are weak and our metabolism isn’t working. And we’re producing no toxins endogenous from within the body created toxins that aren’t being excreted. Toxins are a lymph isn’t flowing, and they’re building up because they’re not getting escorted out of the body. 

Toxins are the thoughts, the thoughts. We think it’s a huge one. And I mentioned this before, but it bears mentioning again, how are you talking to yourself? Start to pay attention to the words you’re saying to yourself. And if you’re being a mean girl to yourself, you got to stop it. You have to stop it. We have to be kind and loving to ourselves and treat ourselves like the most amazing being on the earth to ourselves because we are. We’re born alone. We die alone. In some ways, we travel the journey alone. We have lots of supporting cast and family and friends and colleagues and teams and support. But this is our journey. And so please, please, please be kind to yourself. And again, this could be the hardest one. And so if you need professional support, if it’s something that you’re just working on and it’s taking time, that’s okay. That’s okay. As long as you’re focusing on it. The invisible toxins, the EMF toxins, the dirty electricity, the 5G, all of these are things that are impacting us. And then we have toxins from our teeth. If we have root canals, we have toxins forming in the canals that are depleting our immune system. If we have fillings or implants that are made of titanium, these are toxins in our mouths. We get mercury from the air. Most of us in our age, we have the lead because lead was not outlawed when we were growing up. There was leaded gas, there was lead in the pencils, there was lead on the side of the road. There was lead everywhere. And so we’re storing it in our bones. We get toxins from the foods we eat, from pesticides, organic sides, herbicides, glyphosate, it all of these toxins are affecting us. And I skipped a bunch. I mean, there are just there are so many chemicals like you can’t keep up with them. 

And so we want to do the best we can do without making ourselves fearful or crazy because you know what? Probably the worst toxin is fear. Fear will tank your immune system. It messes with your hormones, it puts you into a state of not receiving and experiencing. And so we have to address our fear as well. And so there are just, it’s a toxic world. It used to be. Hmm. Are my patients toxic? Are they experiencing toxic overload? That’s not the question anymore. The question now is how toxic are they and what is their body’s ability. Are they detoxing? And so before you detox and just to set the record straight, a five-day detox, it’s kind of more hype than anything. I hate to say that. But when we go on a juice cleanse or no, no, I’m not talking about prolonged because that is a scientifically created cleanse that really does induce autophagy. But if you just like on the Internet and they’re like five-day juice cleanse or candida cleanse or a heavy metal cleanse, I wish. I wish it was that easy. I do. But detoxing especially of heavy metals or mycotoxins or toxins from co-infections, these things are often deeply rooted in our body, and it takes some time and energy, and guidance to really remove them properly. Because the last thing in the world you want to be doing is taking things that are going to move toxins. But instead of moving them out of your body, they’re just going to move them from one place to another. Another thing to be aware of that I just want to share with you that just popped into my head is we store tag toxins in fat cells. So if you are losing weight and you have to be aware that you’re also releasing toxins and so they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But I say binders are a girl’s best friend. Yes. 

So much Patrick Carney humor here, but it’s true. And so you want to be making sure that you’re binding toxins and most, most importantly and this is the point I want to drive home to you is that before you detox, you want to check in with you’re among three organs. That’s a fancy old-time naturopathic word that I love. And your amount, Terry, organs are simply your detoxification organs. So your lymphatic system, including the lymph in the brain, your skin, your liver, your lungs, your kidneys, your bowels, your gallbladder, the bile that’s often a forgotten one. And excuse me, if you are watching this and you are perimenopausal and you’re still having a period, then your uterus and the shedding of that lining is also another form of detoxification. So there are a lot of organs that need to be paid attention to. They say your kidneys. I’m not sure if I said your kidneys, but your kidneys are in there too. So we have to make sure that our kidneys are functioning, that our lungs that we’re breathing properly, that we are eliminating through our bowels and the bile in our liver is processing in our skin, are able to sweat and excrete, and that our lymph is moving. And if we don’t do all these things and we start to detox, and then your doctor or your health care provider tells you, Oh, darling, that’s just part of the detox. Got to get sick, got to get sick to move it. I call BS. That means they didn’t properly prepare you because a detox should not be an uncomfortable situation. If you go through and pay attention to all these organs and you do all the right things for them and I don’t have time, unfortunately, to go over them with you, but deep breathing for the lungs, I’ll just throw a few out. 

Castor oil packs for the liver cola gods and Colorado to support the bile, making sure you’re pooping, making sure you’re sweating and pooping means minimum daily. We really should be having 2 to 3 bowel movements a day after every meal and they should be formed, they should float, they should be a nice color brown. They should look like logs. They should be easy to expel. So those are just a few quick ones. We need to be hydrated for our kidneys, sweating for our live, breathing for our lungs, castor oil packs for liver. I said that these are just a few things we have to really go in and see which of yours are already functioning, which of your organs are among three organs, and which of them are not functioning as well and need some more attention. And often which I love is when I do this with patients. It’s like, Oh my God, like so many of their symptoms go away, their energy returns, their sleep returns. I’m like, They feel great. And I’m like, And we haven’t even started moving the toxins yet that are making you feel crummy, that are interfering with the biochemical and physiological processes. And so once we’ve got everything open, then we can go in with the chelating agents and then we can go in with whatever we’re choosing to do to pull the toxins. And so then we’re doing it safely. Then you don’t have to get sick. And it’s really, really important. I say this a lot test don’t guess different toxins even like within the heavy metal family lead is detox differently than mercury? There are many different chelating agents and a chelating agent just grabs on. So it goes in and grabs on and escorts out. That’s why we want the among arteries working. So that escort when we’re escorting that we can actually get things out of the body and not just escorted from one place to the other, which just keeps you sick and keeps you toxic. And so it’s really, really important that we understand what we’re detoxing and we keep track because there will come a time and now it may take, depending upon how serious your condition is pending, upon how your body has or hasn’t been able to excrete, depending upon your exposure. And of course, we need to put on our Sherlock home detective hats and we need to make sure you’re not getting exposure. 

That’s why I do pre and post-heavy metal testing and gold standard as it needs to be done in the urine and it needs to be done with a chelating agent. So the pre is what are you being exposed to. Where do we have to Sherlock Holmes and make sure we stop the faucet and you stop the exposure and then the post is what has your body stored so often I see patients will go and they will get their heavy metals, their mercury removed out of their mouth and please don’t do that unless it’s with a biological dentist who preps you, does it properly. But then after they’re just like, okay, good job. Wahoo High five, double high five. You got your mercury removed. That’s great. And then no one ever goes into check because that mercury was a faucet and it was dripping into your body. And there’s still going to be a body burden that needs to be detoxed. And so we have to think it through. We also need to look at like, what is in my body? Am I holding more pesticides in my holding gasoline, Am I holding perchlorate, Am I holding glyphosate, Am I holding mercury, Am I holding lead? Am I holding cadmium, am I holding? And the list goes on and on and on. I have a handful of different tests I do to evaluate what’s going on and what kind of toxic load you have in your body. And then we systematically and with a plan in mind, we eliminate those toxins and we do it with specific tools and specific remedies that are specific, specific, specific. I keep saying that, but it’s important that are specific for, what’s going on in your body. And then we check every couple of months so we can see and one of the things I’ll often hear is as we’re detoxing, that sometimes the levels go up and patients like Dr. Stills, this isn’t working. It’s getting worse. 

And I have to remind them, no, it is working. We just we opened Pandora’s box. We’re giving the body permission. We’re giving it the tools it needs to release. And so often when we do our testing, our baseline testing, we’re just getting that baseline, and then levels go up. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a good thing if that’s what was stored in your body, we want to get it out. And then of course, as time goes on, the levels will level off. But it takes time, it takes commitment and it takes working with someone who understands how to open things up, how to test things properly, how to get things escorted out properly, and how to keep you on maintenance, and how to fold into that the lifestyle. So I said a lot here in a short period of time, but I hope I feel that I gave you some really good nuggets. Listen to this again, jot down, see what you need to do for you. Maybe it’s just getting started in testing to see what’s going on. Maybe it’s implementing some of the lifestyle, like taking off your shoes or getting your sweat on. So it’s really important. It’s really important that detoxing becomes something that you are committed to. So I have had a blast chatting with you all. I’m going to see you in today’s interview is going to see menopause summit. I am so grateful for you, for your listening, for your commitment when you’re here. That means to me that you care, that you want to be healthier, that you want future generations to be healthier, and that you understand and are empowered, that you are part of that process. So I’m sending you all so much love and enjoy the day.


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