Detect The Impact Of Toxins On Your Health

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  • Learn how to determine your level of toxicity and the impact it has on your health
  • Understand the effects of invisible toxins and how they can silently impact your health
  • Discover true detoxification methods and how you can prepare for a detoxification process
  • This video is part of the Mastering the Menopause Transition 2.0 Summit
Sharon Stills, ND

Hi, ladies. Dr. Stills here with you. Welcome to day seven. Oh, my. What a week it’s been. And we’re going to finish with a bang. We are saving the best for last in some ways of thinking. And so it’s all been amazing. And I’m really excited to be here with you. And don’t forget, there’ll be lots more happening, lots more education, and lots more opportunities to continue on with me after this summit. So stay tuned. But for today, for my last little chat with you, I want to talk about toxins, because toxins are so prevalent. They’re prevalent in our body ease, in our environment, in the energy fields from other people. They’re just ubiquitous. They’re present in the womb. So even unborn children are being exposed to toxins through the umbilical cord. They’re present in breast milk. I mean, they have just they’ve come in and taken over. And so we have to be aware of this. We have to be balanced about this. We can’t get into the, “Oh, my God, everything is toxic and I’m going to freak out.” But we also can be toxins. As you know, I’m not going to freak out and I’m not going to pay attention to them at all. There really has to be a healthy balance and a healthy awareness. And so just like you wash your dishes every day out of the shower, you wash your body out of every day, you scrub your hair every day just like you do all these things. You change the oil in your car, you go to get your teeth cleaned. You get a haircut every once in a while, potentially, just like you do all these things routinely. I want you to start thinking about I need to have a toxin, a detox, and a detox routine in my daily life. And it becomes a little different as to what are you doing on a daily experience. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonally yearly. What are you doing? Because there are different levels to it. 

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