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Parasites: Overlooked Cause of Thyroid Problems

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  • Gain a basic understanding of parasites, learn to recognize symptoms of parasitic infections, and learn methods to address these infections
  • Understand the potential connection between parasitic infections and thyroid health
  • Explore the relationship between parasitic infections and autoimmunity, including the role of mold in recurring parasitic infections


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Hi, it’s Dr. Jen. Welcome back to the summit today. We’re going to be talking to Dr. Jaban Moore. He’s a doctor of chiropractic medicine, is located in Kansas City. He works virtually with clients through functional medicine protocols to assist them in overcoming chronic health conditions and symptoms. So he has a really interesting story. At the age 25, he went through a chronic illness diagnosis. And I would love for him to tell us a little bit more about that and how that kind of shaped his career. Welcome.


Jaban Moore, DC

Well, thanks for having me. And, you know, to talk about my history is like so many others. If you’re listening to some, it’s because you don’t feel well, most likely, or someone you love doesn’t and you’re not getting answers. So I was the same way at 25 years old, I was fatigued, brain fog, bodies are hurting, and I ended up with erectile dysfunction, which was a hormone dysfunction. So I thought at the time and I went from doctor to doctor, I got the same thing that everybody else does. Oh, well, maybe this medication will help you. Or that just happens sometimes. You just kind of deal with that. And I was like, No, I’m 25 years old. I work out every day, I eat well. I mean, not that this mattered, but I had abs. Like, I was like, I’m in my prime. I’m out here trying to do everything I can to be optimized and I feel like crap. So, you know, nobody has sympathy for you because you feel you look normal, but you feel horrible. 

So that’s the really short of what my experience was, which took me a couple of years to get answers. And finally, when I got the answer, it was it was eye opening and it was, hey, so your body doesn’t just stop working, something triggers that. And what I say now is that something is often either traumas which can be physical or mental, right? So if you work 100 hours a week for two year straight, that’s trauma to your body. Like that’s stress trauma that can cause autoimmunity, that can cause hormonal dysfunction, that can cause depletion of minerals or an infection like Lyme disease, which is what I had. And Lyme disease never comes alone. It came with mold and parasites and other things is what we call co-infections or cofactors or toxins. Like what happens when there’s an oil spill or just simply drinking tap water, which has a ton of toxins in it these days. So if you just stop and think, what is causing my problem? Why do I feel bad and stop accepting these symptoms as normal that we’re being told, Oh, you’re getting older? Well, I was 25. I was not old. I was at the peak of life as far as your physical body for a man. And I was crashing still hearing the same thing. So as you can tell, I get really passionate about this topic because no way. I mean, look at the statistics. 75% of Americans over 40 have a chronic condition. Testosterone of men is dropped by 50% or 1% per year for the last 50 years. So 50% fertility is decreased, 59% since the same time frame. Like something’s happening, we’ve got to fix it.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Yeah, I love that. That you turn your personal health problems into a passion, and now you’re helping others. And I get super worked up about it, too. I was shaking my head and I think it’s very hard when you sit back and especially being in the medical field and you’re talking to doctors and you’re like, this isn’t normal. There has to be a better way. You know, I’m not accepting this as final, like when I had Hashimoto’s and they’re just like, Oh yeah, you just let your thyroid die. And that’s just, it’s just not normal. So really peeling back the layers and finding the things that can contribute to autoimmune diseases or making Lyme worse, or why is your body not controlling and that that Lyme and you’re having chronic symptoms. So, you know, I am not glad that it happened to you. Just like I’m glad it not happened to me. But I always know that there is a reason why I went through what I went through. And I’m sure you feel the same way I do.


Jaban Moore, DC

And as you were saying that there’s a reason I went through it. So now I can be here with passion from the pain that I was caused. But the same thing goes back to you. You mentioned the medical field, like we’re in the medical field, so we feel like we’re educated in this topic. But honestly, the more that I’m in the medical field, the more logic actually really plays the true role in this. Like, for instance, is it logical that your body just starts attacking itself, which is called autoimmunity, by the way? No, that’s not logical. There’s something there causing it to happen. And guess what, guys, if you remove that something, you get better. So if you have a parasite in your digestive track and your body is waging war on it because that parasite is causing damage to your microvilli, which is your gut lining or causing damage to your liver like liver flukes do. Then your body goes and attacks it and then you end up with things like Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, IBS, you have diarrhea, constipation, bloating. 

So then you go to the doctor. I’m like, Well, that just happens. No, no, it doesn’t. It doesn’t just happen. There’s a trigger that causes it. And if we can undo that trigger it works. And that’s logical thinking. But we’re being told no. And so if it doesn’t sit right with you at home, if you hear something that seems illogical, I’ll go to some other doctors and don’t just go to another guest geologist or another endocrinologist for your thyroid. Go to some other types of doctors. Look at acupuncture as needed for medicine. Doctors look at functional medicine. Doctors look at naturopaths. Go to your chiropractor to say, Hey, does this make sense? And if you start hearing differing opinions, that’s when you get the opportunity to research, which is going to lead you to getting well. And I’m imagining the people that are on this summit right now, that’s why they’re here, is because it didn’t sit right. They wanted to do research and here they are.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Yeah, absolutely. And I am so excited to have you teach us about parasites, because this is another thing that I get frustrated about in the conventional medicine world, doctors just rolling their eyes about parasites and it’s like, so, you know, you’re telling me you eat sushi, you have a dog that licks its butts in your bed, licking your face, and you don’t think you can get parasites because we live in the United States and not a third world country. So I think that, like you said, it’s a logic. If we look at this logically, obviously, we have parasites, we’re eating fruit that is from Mexico and Chile and all of that. And we’re getting exposed. So can you educate us about like how do we actually get these parasites and how common are they really?


Jaban Moore, DC

So here we go. First of all, World Health Organization, look it up on Dr. Google. If you look up parasites like strongholds, for instance, affects 100 million people in the United States alone, giardia last year, 1 million people. So we know they’re here. And just for a lot of it, if you have a cat, dog, horse, ferret, cow, whatever, what do you do twice a year that your vet tells you to do? You do it. Yeah, we’re too good for that. We don’t need a dorm ourselves. Well, if you have an itchy butt, Rashed skin, stomach aches, headaches or backed up lymph. If you feel worse during the full moon, you might just have a parasite. And those are just a few of the symptoms. So as I as I go through this, I’m usually telling people I’m like, hey, look, parasites don’t care about country borders. They don’t care about state borders. 

They’re going wherever their food source is going with. So I was just grabbing home a BlackBerry the other day and I go to chomp on and guess what’s on it? A larva and it’s moving and I’m going, huh? So of course, me I look at, I’m going, Oh, that’s cool. I take a picture of and I put on Instagram and I’m just like, people are just making all kinds of comments and it could have been a parasite or not or who knows what. But there’s an organism growing on my fruit that wasn’t taken away. And that just proves the point that our food is not perfectly clean and the more raw and clean you eat, the more likely you’re going to have parasites in there. And don’t let that scare you away from raw and clean a raw vegetable or a medium cooked steak or sushi. Yes, there’s a possibility. Yes, parasites. 

But at the same time, your body is designed to defend itself against parasites. When healthy, you have hydrochloric acid, you have digestive enzymes, you have the digestive bacteria that are actually designed with the purpose of defending against parasites and they’re named now. They’ve actually done studies have found out that if you are missing this bacteria, you may have a higher risk for Strongyloides or giardia or blastoise. I say ptosis, so to say that we don’t have parasites is pure insanity. It’s just not reality. To say that is not in our food supply, on the ground around us or in our animals makes no sense at all. The symptoms are there and when you remove them, I can tell you story after story after story of patients pooping out parasites and then their migraines go away. Their PCOS reduces their menstrual cycle, goes back to feeling normal, their insulin resistance or diabetes, blood sugar starts to settle. And for thyroid, it’s amazing to me that I can test so many people’s thyroid hormones and they look fairly normal, whether they’re medicated or not. Either way, the doctors medicate in the normal. The the thyroid hormones look normal, but the person feels like crap. I was reading a study, 80% of people that are on thyroid hormone, their blood ranges are in the normal still are fiery symptoms because their bodies inflamed for things like parasites, Lyme disease or other toxins that have happened in their lives. So those hormones aren’t being absorbed appropriately.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Yeah, that’s a great point because just because your numbers are within range and even an optimal range, you could still have symptoms. And until you find out where’s the inflammation coming from, where are these symptoms coming from, you know, they might not get better. And we can also see this looking at thyroid TPO, antibody ranges. Also, if they’re just still hanging out high, you know, there’s still work to be done. Something else is still making the body angry. So and so it’s parasites, you know. How do you like to test for them? Because I think the other tricky part is that you can’t just do a stool over and parasites. You’re not always going to catch the parasites in the stool. So I guess talk about the pros and cons of testing because it does make it more difficult for those people that really want to see on paper they have parasites.


Jaban Moore, DC

So that is the hard part, right? Parasites are experts. They’ve spent thousands of years trying to avoid your immune system and our lab testing hasn’t caught up yet. So when you do a stool sample test, you’re looking for eggs of the parasite and eggs of the parasite alone. You are not sending that when you’re using your mainstream laboratories to a pathologist that actually can identify either visually or under a microscope what an actual parasite, carcass, leg, arm and ten I look like. Right. So that’s not what they’re looking for. They’re looking for ova. They get about 2 to 3 minutes to take your stool sample out of the packaging, open it up, put it on a slide, put it in the slide, look through it, identify whether or not they see egg and then slide it off and grab the next one. So stool sampling is just not great. There are some companies coming out, they’re newer. I don’t even use them to the fore yet that are starting to actually have pathologists look and give you a higher likelihood of representation of parasite. 

But for me it comes down to this I can charge you a thousand bucks to run a stool sample or we can get you on a protocol that’s going to have really, in my experience, very low risk of any side effects outside of maybe a little bit of a detox reaction, which we’re going to go slow. So it’s even to reduce that risk more and it’s going to cost you 50 bucks, a hundred bucks for the protocol, and likely you’re going to do some cleanup, right? So if you have symptoms, your immune system’s likely suppressed and we’re just going to clean up your gut anyway. So it’s not going to harm you. It’s likely to benefit you. So that’s honestly what I do. And I actually look at some handouts that I give to people, which are assessments and it goes through 25, 30 questions that you rate. And if your score is higher than the parasite positive range, then I’m going, okay, I’m going to add that assessment to my information. And then I look at a few other pieces of the puzzle. So you can look at eosinophilia, which is a type of white blood cell. If that is above five on your differential, then you likely have parasites if your liver is irritated. So AZT or HLT, which is also blood tests, then you likely have some sort of toxicity that stresses your liver. Oftentimes I see that to be parasites. So there are some blood tests that can hint toward parasites. You can still run the stool sample and you may hit on it, but I don’t weight it. I take a lot of symptoms, like I mentioned earlier in this interview, whereas and if you have gut symptoms, just simply do a parasite cleanse. That’s what I would do if I have a client come in that has got something like, hey, we’re probably a new parasite at some point.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Yeah, exactly. And just let’s do the parasite cleanse, you know, once or twice a year. That’s what I tell patients. You know, it depends on their symptoms, too. If you start right out of the gate with it or you can wait and see what shows up, because sometimes I will get a GI effects test and we will get parasites back positively on there. But it’s not a guarantee. It doesn’t rule out parasites. If it comes back negative, it’s a bonus if it shows up. If we’re doing a stool test, a functional stool test for other reasons, but it doesn’t rule it out. And that, I think can be tricky sometimes. And yeah, I have conversations with patients every day, like, do you want to run a test that’s, you know, 500? Or you said some of them are up to a thousand, the new ones. Do you want to run this test or do you just want to treat based on your symptoms, your clinical symptoms and your history just treat and, you know, get it fixed, get your gut balanced. So I think that that is a great point. And so specifically with thyroid, how have you seen parasites negatively affect the thyroid?


Jaban Moore, DC

So the thyroid is it’s multifaceted in its body. So it’s the driver of metabolism. I know that some of you are going to people are going to go into the depth of what the thyroid does, but it depends on so many other parts. So it depends on the liver converting some of the hormones. It depends on the muscle tissue and the adrenals and the small intestine also helping with conversion production of some of the hormones in particular that drive forward the full function of the thyroid. So if I have liver flukes damaging the liver and you can’t convert a thyroid hormone anymore, you’re going to have less usable thyroid hormone in your body. So now you may be hypothyroid not because you can’t produce enough, but because you can’t convert it appropriately in your body. I’ve seen Hashimoto’s, which is autoimmune thyroid, be pushed even further to higher numbers. 

I’ve seen antibody loads of 7000, which is way high. Most labs don’t even go that high. But I got the opportunity really early in practice when I was working with some of my Lyme patients to see thyroid numbers at 7000 because labs are running it up to that high. And then I would go in and you know, just based off what we’ve got going on, I’m going to do some things to support your body so I can deal with parasites. Okay? We do a couple of protocols. Two months later, they’re endocrinologist who happen to be a functional endocrinology who’s awesome. He reran the labs again, 7000 down to 2000 on antibodies. I’m like, Holy heck. And they’d been at 7000 for a year or two. So it wasn’t like they’re were all over the place. This guy was testing every 3 to 4 months. So we’re like, okay, here we go. So then we get in, there we go a few more months with some other antimicrobials and detoxes, we drop down to 200 on antibodies. And this person, as we’re going through. So it’s not just tracking antibodies. That’s great that they’re following, but it’s all about how the person felt. She went from feeling achy and inflamed and her whole body had headaches every time she would do anything active, having g.i bloating and irritation, having alternating stool and diarrhea. So all of that faded out over the first give or take six months of this protocol. And she went from, you’re going to have to remove your thyroid or your body’s going to have this autoimmune reaction forever. It’s going to just destroy it and it’s going to cause more autoimmune reactions, too. You’re good to go. We’re taking you off your thyroid medication. We’re taking you off your LDN and good for you. 

And I was just like that was when my first cases of that massive thyroid numbers they got me really reexamining what autoimmunity was and in my understanding what autoimmunity meant for a client, how we can move forward. So yeah, I mean, if you have a hypothyroid, whether it’s autoimmune or not, look at is there an inflammatory problem that’s causing a lack of absorption? Are there other organ involvements that can be cleaned up to allow for your thyroid itself, not to necessarily produce more hormone for the hormone than it is producing to be used more readily? And then is there an autoimmune component that is being driven by your body being stressed out from something else? So I always like to run reverse t three and see if the body’s thyroid is stressed. Run all the antibodies which would be the TPO, thyroid globulin antibodies and the GSI, which is for graves or the thyroid stimulating immune. I just lost it. Thyroid stimulating hormone there antibody. So if that’s driving something forward, how do we get rid of the root cause of this? How do we get rid of the driving force? And through that journey, by the way, clients sometimes are on medications or antihistamine drugs or even steroids, sometimes because their body is so overwhelmed by the infections. I try to do everything naturally, but at times there’s need for medication. But the goal is always to be on the fewest number of meds and supplements with the maximum bodily function from nature.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Yes. And I think it’s really interesting how parasites do play into thyroid health. And like you said, thyroid autoimmunity because it’s triggering something, you know, that’s our body sign. Like something’s wrong. And if it’s not going to be the thyroid, if they won’t listen, it will just it will start attacking something else, too, because that’s what happens is when you have one autoimmune disease, your body is more likely to have another. And I remember one of my patients that she had graves. She came to me and had been treated for graves for like a whole year while she was pregnant. So she was postpartum and breastfeeding with me and we did a GI effects and she did have a parasite. Now we I couldn’t do natural parasite clones with her because she was still breastfeeding a rather young infant. So I actually used a medication for her specific paradise parasite and her antibodies and her numbers went down for the first time. She weaned off mathematical because she was still on that because she was getting such bad palpitations of her heart. And I was like, this is amazing. And I if she, you know, she did follow up with a regular under chronologies for a while until we got her, you know, basically in remission of her graves. But crazy especially is one of those that conventional medicine really jumps quickly to medication and then to taking out your thyroid or using radioactive iodine to get rid of your thyroid. So, you know, I think that if someone’s suffering from a thyroid disease, you know, before you get major surgery, look at other root causes. What is your body trying to tell you? Because taking out an organ is really never the answer. Unless it’s cancer is what I tell patients. You know, it’s not always the best thing because it was there for a reason. But, you know, it’s really interesting also how environment, the environment and environmental toxicities play a role. So can you explain to us how environmental toxicities attract parasites and how they play off of each other?


Jaban Moore, DC

For sure. So this connection is it’s been around for millennia. Parasites love some of the things that our body hates. So heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, which, by the way, there’s a ton of arsenic and lead in the water supply in United States. There’s also radioactive elements like uranium, radium, cesium, strontium in our water supply. There was a study that came out on Yahoo! A few months back. I can remember seeing and I was like, Oh, finally the news is letting everybody know. 163 million Americans are drinking radioactive water. So this stuff is coming in through our tap water. There’s very few ways to remove radioactive elements like that from our water. One way is distillation of water. That is the only way that I know of that. You can do it in your home. I love a lot of other ways if you’re not drinking radioactive water using arrow or different types of carbon filters. 

But if you got radioactive elements, you got to figure out a way to get that out of there. And if you go to EWG.org, you can look up what’s in your water supply from the tap and figure out what you need to do for your water. As this stuff is coming in, parasites are like, Oh, this is like the greatest host ever because you’re putting in your body, whether it’s from the water or just say on lipstick, where there were 16 of 32 lipsticks that tested positive for lead outside of the that appropriate range. Right. So like the range that they made it okay. Or if you look at the pots and pans that we’re using with aluminum and Teflon, right. So you’re scraping it with your with all your different utensils and that gets into your food. Or if you’re just cooking in there, it starts to chip off over time. This gets into your body. 

So we are creating our bodies to be the perfect parasite. Host On top of that, as you stress your body from the beautiful bright lights that I have all over me right now so I can look good on a recording, they those stress your nervous system and then we have them on a night before we go to bed, which then takes away sleep, which then elevates or it stresses your body, which reduces the hydrochloric acid in your stomach because stress it will oppose digestion. So now we’re not going to protect our gut because we have less hydrochloric acid. We have massive amounts of food sources for parasites. And then when you go and eat that sushi, when you go and eat that strawberry that had a parasite in it, or you eat that steak that wasn’t cooked long enough, that parasite gets to go all the way through your digestive tract, into your body. And when it gets in there proliferates, it’s like, wow, there’s so much food. So as it starts to create eggs and those eggs hatch, there’s more and more parasites that are like, This is a great place to stay. I don’t want to eat here. I’m not going to go out through this, too. I’m staying right here. I mean, imagine if you went to a place, you’re like, Hey, look, I’ve got all the food and drink and I’ve even got dessert. Which for them is that all that arsenic and uranium, you never leave it. So all these toxins feed them and they can actually carry 6 to 8 times their body weight. So they stock up on this when you go to try and detox them, if you do it in the wrong way or too fast and they die off, then that goes in releases into your body. Then you feel horrible and now you want to stop the protocol because it’s releasing into your body. So when you do actually do a detox for pears that you want to make sure that not only are you addressing the organism, but that you’re also paying attention to supporting liver and drainage. You’re doing things like castor oil, pax binders, coffee enemas to really support the process of getting parasites out. I love the removal, but again, they’re because that helps to bind them more hole in the gut and pull them out before they actually break apart. Which then it’s really fun to get pictures for my clients because it’s like a daily basis. Hey, you recently a picture, what I found was like, you know, for the first like three months I loved it was like, send me all the pictures. And then I was like, okay, I’ve seen all the pictures. Don’t get I don’t need that with my lunch.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Yeah, those pictures are very impressive. But it’s, they’re, they’re coming out. They need to come out. And it is, though, really crucial to make sure that, you know, you are pooping every day and your liver health is on par because it can deter people from doing certain protocols if they’re not on a complete protocol or haven’t addressed certain things before, they’re trying to kill organisms. And, you know, and we see this especially, you know, with things like mold and Lyme also is you really have to make sure everything is running perfectly because if you do things in the wrong order, you can end up feeling worse for a little bit at least. Definitely. Yeah. So tell us a little bit about mold and parasites. Like why do parasites like mycotoxins and mold in there?


Jaban Moore, DC

So mold is this wrecking ball for your immune system, your mitochondria, your nervous system. So if you can see me because you’re watching the video or if you’re just listening, I’m sitting in a room just like any other room and any other office building. I’m surrounded by sheetrock. Sheetrock is full of jobs, which is mold, food. It is perfect breeding ground for mold to grow in. So imagine of this room for a moment, had a little bit of water damage because my roof leaked, which has actually happened and we had some issues and we had to take care of it. 

So then it’s pushing off mycotoxins into the room and when that mycotoxins gets into my body, it is extremely toxic. Molds have actually been used to create medications like microfluidic acid has been turned into a medication that suppresses the immune system for patients that that transplant has been used as a bioweapon. We know that for 25% of the population, mold is very dangerous. It’s called the dreaded mold gene. It’s the HDL, ah gene. So people those people do not tolerate mold as well. And why this matters to parasites is because when this gets into your body, whether you are a person with that genetic type or not, it is going to take more effort for your liver to flush it out as your body backs up because you’re in that environment or whether it’s your home or your workplace, your car, your mitochondria, which is your energy supplier, that energy system starts to get clogged up. So it’s like, you know, somebody putting sand in your gas tank, it’s going to clog up your engine eventually. Engine’s going to shut down. So that’s what’s happening to your body. As it happens, your immune system doesn’t have the energy to appropriately defend itself. Your immune modulation, which happens a lot in the mitochondria, starts to dysfunction and your hormones and because of all that stress start to dysfunction. So then all your hormones are going out of whack. So mold is just a wrecking ball for your body when that’s happening versus like, Oh, there’s more opportunity in the body, you’re defenseless and you’re toxic. So you gave me food and your defenses are down. I’m just going to start to really start to grow out of control here. So as mold gets in the body, you just it makes you so much more vulnerable, whether it’s from the stress, like under suppression or the food for parasites or all three. It is a perfect storm for becoming the great host for parasites.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Yeah, I love that. The parasites are like, okay, let’s go. Because remember, they don’t want to like kill you. They just want to feed off of you and, you know, like, like parasitic people, right? I mean, they’re and that’s another that’s another conversation you should talk about people that are parasites, too. You have to be careful with those. But. But, yeah. So would we talk about parasites? So how do you address parasites at your clinic specifically? If you could give us some examples?


Jaban Moore, DC

Well, this is where that parasitic people part comes in. I’ll talk about that in here. So when it comes to that, as I mentioned, if mold is coming in, it’s suppressing you. And as you suppress, parasites start to grow out of control. Because it’s not that you didn’t have parasites before and mold let parasites come in, it’s that it’s actually suppressing your defenses for the stuff that’s really already here. We have fungus in our body at all times. We have bacteria in our body at all times. And if you don’t, your body doesn’t work. You also have some parasites that are there and can be beneficial, even though the word parasite means that they’re only harmful. But we’re finding out the parasites may actually have at times some positive function. So in my clinic we start off with running your testing, figure out what’s going on, doing the right labs, making sure, one, you live in a place that is safe. 

So how do I do that? We test. Is your air clean? Is there mold in your air? We need to make sure there’s I tend to start with an early test and then if there is something, I’ll go to a building biologist. From there I look at your water. What kind of water are you drinking? Is the water clean? Are we drinking? Distilled water. Reverse osmosis water. What’s going on there? From there, it’s duty free, clean food and hygiene products we use because we have to make sure that our body has an opportunity to heal before we want to jump in and do all this work. Like why? Why do we want to jump and do all this work if you’re living in a place where you’re not going to be on the Hill? So let’s step one. Do you live in a safe place? Step two, do you feel safe in your environment? And what this comes down to is, are there people there that just shouldn’t be? Now, it’s not always easy, because if it’s your mother in law, you can’t just get rid of her. And that’s not my life. I love my mother in law, if you’re listening. But if it is a person that you just, you know, they’re in your life, you may have to push the boundaries because of the stressing out your nervous system that decreases your ability to defend. Also, it can deplete you of sodium, potassium. It can deplete you of other minerals that are good for defense. It can deplete you of your B vitamins which help you to detox. So I got to make sure that you feel safe. And if you’re living in mold or if you have parasites, if you have been sick for a long time, sometimes your anxieties high, your irritability is like you’re really stressing and that stress makes you vulnerable. So we start talking about doing limbic retraining, EMDR, neurofeedback. 

Sometimes people develop symptoms like chronic inflammatory response syndrome or Ms. so it makes your body really negatively respond responsive to foods or herbs. You develop food allergies, you’ve developed chemical sensitivities. So we have to really drive in getting your nervous system feeling safe. So we do a lot of work just on the nervous system piece in that step. Once you’ve got those two steps down now the body is much more inviting of being able to take the next steps, which is getting to the drainage, the detox, which is a fun stuff to talk about, right? So that’s what we get in there too. Doing the kidney, liver support, herbs and therapies like Castrol packs. We do lymph dry brushing, we do coffee enemas. From there, we can get into herbs like milk thistle. We can get into an existing in binders to really just clean the body out without aggravating it yet. 

And then the fun part, the stuff we always talk about like, okay, what is that, parasitic? I’m going to take? Is it going to be ivermectin and then dissolve guano or is which are more on the medication side? Is it going to be black walnut wormwood crypt to let this which is more of the herbal side and there’s a place where both both are useful and both have their place and it’s just going to depend on you. You know, if you’re very reactive to herbs, you can add two or 300 phytonutrients. Okay, let’s start with the medication side. If you’re reacting to the medication because you’re chemically sensitive, well, maybe you’re better with the herbal side and we’ll go over there. I prefer to stay on the more natural side, but for some people you’ve just got to use the tools their body is going to allow you to use. And we start gentle. 

So I actually with my practitioners, I had this list because I’ve been doing this for a decade with the really chronically ill and like, okay, so this one has a 10% chance of causing reaction and this one has a 20 and 30 and 40 and 50 all the way down. So I’ve read it all the stuff and I’m like, Let’s start with this easy stuff. Let’s start with our pulse method, which is a, a method that I developed that was for a gentle beginning for people. And then we just build up from there. We take it nice and slow, and then we rotate because the body and the organisms adapt every 14 to 30 days. So I’m always rotating my protocols, I’m adding in there biofilm disruptors, I’m adding in gut rebuild. There’s like probiotics, probiotics. And I’m slowly working my way through, but I don’t just get stuck on parasites. That’s the key. Guys do two or three rounds of parasite and then move on to bacteria and molds and metals and then come back around. I can’t tell you how many times you get stuck for a year on parasites. They do high dose heavy antibiotics. Antiparasitic medications with herbs and nothing’s coming out for six, eight months. I’m like, Why don’t we stop banging our head against the wall? Let’s go somewhere else. Then we do a more protocol. Doc Three days into the mold protocol, I put out a bottle of worms and see worms like six months. Like, because your body adapts when you do most of the bulk of the work for whatever you’re putting in. And 7 to 14 days is not the same. You start there, it’s just you do the bulk of it. And then after a while let’s rotate. Let’s keep those organisms confused. Maybe they went into cyst form, maybe they got out of your gut and went into some more muscle tissues and they got away from the bloodstream so that they’re a little more protected in their hibernation state. 

So let’s just rotate through and we’re going to come back around later. And I love doing a full moon phase probably once a quarter. So that means on the full moon for about ten days. I do a antimicrobial protocol. I’m not just parasites, but spirochetes, which is a bacteria or molds that’s rotate throughout the year because hey look, you’ve got to do this twice a year. You use your teeth three times a day, use your buy your thyroid, your gut all day, every day, whether it’s eating, cleaning, repairing, producing neurotransmitters. So we need to clear the body a little bit more often. If you change your oil, why aren’t you taking care of yourself in the same kind of routine?


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Yeah, you definitely got to keep them guessing, you know? And these are tricky. These are organisms they want to live. They are going to do whatever they can to hang on for dear life in there and wreak havoc. And then like also, you said that it’s not just a one and done thing that we have to continually work on our gut health and even even me, I have to work on my gut health. I mean, I had a burger, I still remember this like in the fall and I ate out in the burger was a little too pink. And I was like, okay, but it’s a good restaurant and my gut was messed up. So I did do a little protocol, get it back on track. So the big thing is to listen to your body and know that it’s evolving. So you might have to, you know, take different steps at different times of the year. And you know, depending on what you’re doing, you might, you know, be outside and drinking a lot in the summer. And that’s going to bring down your defenses. You know, your liver is going to struggle a little bit. So that might bring out different, different parasites. It might cause an imbalance or a dysbiosis in your gut health. So I love that you said, you know, keep it guessing, keep adjusting the protocols. It’s really it’s really important. So are there any patients stories that you would like to share, like about parasites that would get people excited?


Jaban Moore, DC

Oh, for sure. I just had this one that actually brought tears to my eye here. Just about a week ago, I posted on Instagram and this young woman who at about 18, 19 years old, ended up getting chronically ill, you know, go from healthy high school, college woman to veteran, literally could not get out of her bed to walk down the street or the driveway, pick up her mail and come back home and she was so sweet and so motivated. I had been to several clinics and they kept giving LDA and they were doing Let US in the track songs and they did lots of IVs, but they never talk person. They mentioned mold and they just didn’t get deep enough into the weeds there and they started off usually a little bit too aggressive. And so we’ve been working with her for like a year. And at first it was I’m not my wheelchair anymore. And listen, this a 21 year old girl, I’m not in my wheelchair, dared to go out of my house anymore from athlete to wheelchair with no accident. I mean, it’s heartbreaking. I can just I can’t even imagine, like I was sick, but I wasn’t on that level. And then I, you know, I just got to go to the nursery. She’s on call with me and she’s like, I’m in Spain with my mom. And I just got done skiing the last two days and I was just like, what? You just skewed for two days. You were in a wheelchair six months ago. Like, I was so excited and happy because clearing parasites opened up the drainage pathways that allowed us to get to the next infection, which was a bacteria that allowed us to flush out the mold. Because when they tried to mold before me without cleaning the parasites, it didn’t work because nothing could come out because it kept getting stuck in the parasites. 

And I had another guy, same story. He’s been a big box medical providers out there, like the really big ones that you see all the commercials for that everybody refers to because they’re the cream of the crop and they’re great for crisis management. They put them on morphine and electric shock therapy to his heart because he had tachycardia and they told him, Man, we’re just got to burn out your heart because you just give him palpitations. And his thyroid was a mass. These are thyroid hormone, but they didn’t want to leave my thyroid hormone because his heart was having palpitations. It was just a really bad situation. And I started with him like, All right, man, let’s, let’s start. 

And he was really sensitive and it was really difficult for him to get going. So I had a little bit of fasting in there and during the fast gave him a lot of salt to balance minerals and while he was fasting allowed us to get going and he went from fibromyalgia by 20 and he’d been sick for six years already. So fibromyalgia about 20. And then he came to me and is 24, 25 to married a year and a half later with almost no body pain outside of what would normally happen, working a full time career because he had dropped out of college to and get treatment and and now the last time I saw him I had gone to him in his wife’s wedding. And he’s functioning and living and thriving and having a career and back in college. 

And I mean, if you do things in the right order, which is key, there’s a right order to healing. It’s not the right order universally the right order for you. This is about you and your situation and your complications and doing it based off of your responses. If you do have the right order, there is hope to be able to get back to well, I am a decade removed, maybe even a little bit more now for my Lyme treatment and I love exercise. I’ll go CrossFit, I go hiking. You know, I don’t have those pains anymore because you can better. And that’s the big thing that I want to pass on to people is there is hope. Have you been trying for 20 years now? Having no. Having success to try different order. Tried different method. Go from medicine to functional, go from functional to homeopathy, go from homoeopathy to IVs. I mean, keep trying.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Those are amazing stories and I love that you said keep trying. There’s going to be an answer and it might not be from one specific doctor, one specific treatment, but there’s definitely hope with healing. And I’ve seen a lot of those kind of miracle cases too. And you look back and you’re just like our bodies are amazing. And the patients, their commitment to and it’s not always an easy journey. It takes time and commitment. And if you do that, you know, anything’s possible. So that’s great. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Shimon, can you tell us how we can find you? Get a hold of you. I know on Instagram, I watch your stories and everything. So tell everyone how to find you and what you have on the horizon.


Jaban Moore, DC

And yeah, so you can find me and Dr. Jaban Moore on pretty much anything website, instagram, facebook, tik tok I’m probably on YouTube like I’m missing something out there. We try to pull content out all the time just just like this, put it out for free so that people can hear the hope here. You’re the opportunities. And whatever I’m finding as the latest thing to put out there that I’m researching. So yeah, I mean, just come check us out there and as far as the next thing that I’m doing, I’ve got a healing link. He got some at that that we’re putting out because what parasites wreck the gut so look forward to that in the future.


Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Awesome. Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure talking to you tonight.

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